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14 Places to Shop for Writing Ideas Online [PART I]

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14 Places to Shop for Writing Ideas Online [PART I]

Generating Good ideas for writing just about any topic on any niche online could become a very difficult task for any body be it blogger, e-book writer, freelancer etc. This is what I will be discussing in this post, as I carefully list out top places where any writer, be it an experienced writer or a newbie could generate great ideas for writing interesting topics on just about anything of interest online.

  1. Article Directories:
  2. This happens to be my number one pick of great places to generate good writing ideas on the internet. Article directories list out articles based on various categories, from internet marketing, dating, romance, pet keeping, home based biz, parenting, Theology and even Astrology. Here you get to see good articles from which you can get nice ideas for writing. Article directories have various criteria for listing articles on their data base (Editorial Guide Lines). Top article directories where you can start from includes; For a more comprehensive list of top Article directories you can see this post from my CPA Affiliate blog titled Give your CPA Affiliate offers more Exposure via Article Writing and Submission: Top Articles Directories Where You can Submit Your Articles .
  3. Forums:
  4. Till date most of the leads I have generated since I started out online came from Forums. Discussion on forums range from Dieting, celebrity gossips, Politics, Fashion etc. Forums could be General Forums: where every conceivable topic is discussed, or Niche based forums: Forums where topics bordering on a particular subject of interest are discussed. To get ideas from forums look at interesting threads, posts and replies. Some top forums where you can get cool stuffs to write about will include; To get a detailed list on forums especially niche based forums see Big-Boards, at Big-Boards you will get a complete data on top forums which include number of members, activity, issues discussed, total number of threads, recent threads, most popular thread etc. To get listed in this forum, such forum must be a high activity forum.
  5. Affiliate Directories:
  6. Alot of online writers are yet to figure out how to generate writing ideas from Affiliate directories, but believe or not Affiliate directories remains one of the best places in the whole of cyber space to do just that. At these Directories, various affiliate third party Networks like ClickBank.Com, CommissionJunction.Com etc and other Affiliate marketing issues top the list. Some very Good Affiliate Directories are;
  7. Shopping Portals and Auction Sites:
  8. Most people now find it difficult doing the normal shopping offline,and now prefer ordering stuffs online, this has given boost to so many online shopping portals who now take orders from diverse sources for door step delivery or what we call drop shipping in online parlance. Now you will ask me how can you the writer generate good writing ideas from these shopping portals, very easy; most of these portals accept reviews for various products and services listed on their data base from users and Affiliates, then the merchants who own the products or services. From these reviews you can get ideas on developing good articles, blog posts, written reviews, special reports etc that will generate lots of hits and page views. Top on the list of Nice Shopping Portals where you can generate powerful ideas for writing can be;
  9. Social Bookmarking Sites:
  10. Another great source for generating contents: these days alot of social networks on just any thing from dating, sex, racial, gays and lesbians, peers, drugs and alcohol addiction, Astrology etc have been created. On these networks you get to see a lot of discussions from which you can develop into writing ideas; here people are free to express themselves and are more open than they would have been offline. Here you make friends with same interests, hobbies, desires, you bookmark important dates, events, sites and more importantly posts that you can use to develop great contents. Below are a list of some great social Networks you can Register and start getting free ideas for Writing contents;
  11. Blog Directories:
  12. If you are a blogger (who isn't these days?) you will agree with me that blog directories are one of the best places you can generate fresh writing ideas. At blog directories you get to see blog entries of other bloggers in your niche, you can interact with fellow bloggers, chat in forums, and get News Feeds from which you can create great contents. Below is a list of some Blog Directories you can register, submit your blog for increased traffic and above all writing ideas;
    • More of a Blog search Engine, claim your blog here, get tags. then get good ideas for writing not just blog posts but articles as well.
    • To me this is the best blog Directory; heavily spidered by Goggle and other top Search Engines. You can register to this very interactive directory, socialize and get writing ideas for your next blog entry.
    • Another blog directory and source for writing contents.
  13. Review Sites:
  14. What other better place can you get good writing ideas if not from Review Sites, at review sites you get paid for every written reviews that gets accepted, ranked, commented on and bought by merchants. You can get writing idea from the kind of stuffs be it products or services of various Merchants and B2B firms who want good reviews for their products or services for increased sales, leads and conversions. You get to see reviews written from other members and from these reviews you can generate your own writing idea (avoid plagiarism or get penalized). A list of some Paid-Write-Review Sites can be seen below; .

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