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6 Creative Writing Skills For Online Success:

One thing that remains salient in Internet marketing circles is
possessing Good and Creative writing skills, this means that for you to
make more conversion and sales, then you must understand the rudiments
of putting together a nice and well written piece.
So join me below as I discuss Six creative Writing skills for
online success.

  1. Develop Your Style:
  2. This is what distinguishes the real writers from the pretenders; having a unique writing style will always differentiate your work, make it unique, add more pep to it. To develop a unique writing style, the following should be done; Read extensively Write articles bordering on so many issues and topics GetThe Everything Creative Writing Book: All You Need to Know to Write a Novel, Play, Short Story, Screenplay, Poem, or Article (Everything Series) your write ups for proof reading Write, write and write!!! Once you do all of the above, it is guaranteed that you'll develop a writing style unique only to you.
  3. Write Using Clear, Simple and Easy to
    Understand Language:
  4. Remember you are not writing for your self, rather you are writing for the other person, which means that you can make a statement that means one thing, and your would be reader will mistake it to mean some thing else. Write as you speak, understand this, you have a target audience who for some reasons are not well read and educationally exposed as you might want them, this leaves you with no choice other than avoid jaw breaking words that will make your reader look for the dictionary, make it simple, easy and real. The Complete Idiot's Guide to Creative Writing, 2nd Edition
  5. Avoid Errors and Grammatical
  6. When your writings is filled with so many errors, wrong spelling, wrong sentences and phrases and poor grammar, this makes your reader see you as an inexperienced writer, un educated and raw, so make sure you make your write ups devoid of all these mistakes and so many more. To achieve this make use of word processors and spread sheets like Micro Soft Word, Excel etc with an in built dictionary and spell check functionality, this'll help in reducing nasty errors like wrong spellings and poor sentences and phrases; making your write up easy to read and understand.
  7. Write in First Person
  8. When writing make it look like you are referring to just one person, that is your reader, it makes it look as if your writing was specially designed for him. Words like I, You, Your etc will just be right and appropriate.
  9. Be Creative With Words:
  10. For you to make a strong impact on your reader you need to be very creative with words; to be creative you need to employ witty sayings, adages and wise sayings of great thinkers of all times like William Shakespeare, Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King Jnr etc. Read books on various interests be it Politics, Economics, Government, Business, Inspirational etc, through reading books from different disciplines you can easily build a plethora of wise and witty sayings you can use in your own writing to make nice impression on your reader.
  11. Carve a Niche For Your Self:
  12. Many successful writers be it online or off line only became successful when they identified a niche. understudied it, build and learn, then became experts in it. For your writing to be creative, it need to be based on something you know even a little; for example you can not talk about fishing or golfing when you know you have never handled a hook or straddled a golf bat before, you can only talk of any of these things only when you have done them before. So identify a niche, it could be Fencing, Gardening, Chess, Forex, Stocks, Carpentry, Computer Programming, Affiliate Marketing Online (Pay-per-click, Pay-per-Lead or Cost Per Action: you can see my CPA Affiliate blog for Info on CPA Niches, Tips, Networks and more ) etc. Then you can proceed to write based on the knowledge you have about that thing, when you do so you will easily flow in your writing, because you don't need much research or reference, as it is something you already know or have experienced.
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