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7 Essential Copy Writing Techniques For Online Success

In Internet Marketing circles, mastering the art of Copy Writing is very essential if you plan to take your online experience to the next level, or you will remain in the level of suckers and window shoppers or cyber rats who are just there for the simple reason of being referred to as Netizens, while it is success all the way for the cyber over lords who understand the rules of the game. This is quite unfortunate if you ask me.

Acquiring Copy Writing skills can or will take your online biz many leagues in front, most newbies who just joined the train are yet to figure this out. This is what I will looking into today as we take a closer look at what it takes to put a good writing piece together in "copy writing techniques for Online Success.

  1. Use Arresting Headlines to Psyche Your Reader:
  2. Powerful and Attention grabbing headlines is one important ingredient that sells any writing piece be it off line or online; most people find it relatively difficult to put up smart and interesting headlines.To compose a power selling head line there are a lot of factors that must be considered based on the Audience you are trying to reach; you need to look at the age, sex, location and academic standings of these audience to understand the psychology behind writing an impressive Headline that they will find really interesting and would want to click through to see what you've got.

    Today learning the nitty gritty of writing powerful headlines is very easy as there are a lot of free resources and places to start; the list could include;
    • Offline News Paper and Magazine Publications Like Dailies and Weeklies

    • Affiliate Directories like:
      Click Bank Market Place

      Commission Junction Market Place
      At these directories you get to see powerful sales copies that made a lot of difference in sales as a result of a Good and Selling Headline.
      Other places where you can get to see wonderful Headlines are;

    • Article Directories like Ezine Articles Where you see streams of powerful articles with powerful headlines that will make you want to click and read.

    • Niche Based Ezine Publications, for more see Directory of Ezines.

      This directory boast of good ezines with a decent list of loyal subscribers, from here you can see good Headlines of so many top ezine publishers via their Email subjects and contents, so make sure you check it out yourself and even subscribe to be getting issues from which you can use on your own, see how easy it is?

  3. Write For Your Reader, not for Yourself:
  4. So many green horn writers and even oldies most of the time forget that every written piece they compose is for the sole purpose of getting read by a particular set of people or will you say audience, they forget this fact and write as if they are writing for themselves and in so doing get their readers completely pissed off. So write in terms I refer to as "empathetic writing". This is simply writing what your readers want to hear even if it is from your point of view, with a personal touch, class and writing style. Embellish it with quotes and rhetorics.

  5. Write as You Speak:
  6. Remember most of your readers are not well schooled, and will find your copy quite difficult to understand as a result of complex phrases and jaw breaking words. So to make it more accessible to any level of person, Write as you Speak period!. Writing in clear simple language makes your reader feel safer, as you would strike him as a simple-every-other-day kinda person he could easily associate with

  7. Employ Psyche-Minded Words to Further Get Your Readers Attention:
  8. The word "Free" happens to be the most powerful word in marketing that can psyche any reader and will want to make him want to see more of what you've got; phrases with the word free like

    "Free trial offer"

    "Moneymaking facts free"

    "Free to new members"

    These are words that can pull in a hundred percent sales for any product or service you are promoting. One other word people easily react to is "New", knowing that some thing is new thrills every body including me; phrases with "New" like

    "New Discovery"

    "New and Improved"

    "New Method"
    . Every body wants to know "HOW TO" do certain things, so words or phrases with the "how to" kinda stuff like the following

    How to How to avoid

    "How to get"

    "How to get rid of"

    "How to have"

    "How to end"

    "How to keep"

    "How to stop"

    "How to start"

    "How I improved my"

    "How to become"

    "How to enjoy"

  9. Avoid Repetition or Tautology:
  10. Most writers in the bid to optimize their writings for the search engines forget that they are not writing search bots but for humans, end up doing key word spamming, which at the end of day leads to unnecessary repetition which makes your writing boring and slow to follow. Even if you have to optimize your writing make sure you do not commit tautology, which search engines frown at, and won't hesitate to flag your content, and delete it from their SERP immediately. Rather use your keywords wisely and sparingly to get your writing well optimized with no repetition.

  11. Use Bullets and Indentation to Highlight the Benefits of What You are Writing About:
  12. Top copy writers who make six-figure income know the importance of using bullets and spacing (Indentation) in any written copy. With Bullets you can list out vital points and details of what ever it is you are yapping about; bullets makes it relatively easy for the reader to continue reading and above all take action. Atypical example of how to properly bullet your copy and get it well spaced could be illustrated below

    • Importance 1

    • Importance 2

    • Importance 3
    • etc

  13. Sell Your Writing:
  14. Yes you have to sell your writing, if you do not sell your writing what will be the essence of copy writing. To sell your writing, you must sell your self: and for you to sell yourself you must sell your expertise, and to sell your expertise you must understand what copy writing is all about. Selling your writing is putting up good content, and the recipe for writing a good content will involve the following;

    • Unique writing style

    • Keyword Rich

    • Good Grammar

    • Correct Spellings

    • Perfect Spacing and Indentation

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