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How to Write Classified Ads that Pulls Profit

Making Money With Classified Ads
Most people (even me) still wonder if using classified ads in promoting your business online is still relevant in today's scheme of things; with the latest web 2.0 apps like Twitter pervading the whole of cyberspace. Though I still believe in the power of Classified ads sites like Craigs List, but the main issue here is knowing how to write Classified Ads that will bring in
conversion even in an over crowded niche or market space.

So join me below as I list out the vital ingredients that will cook up a good classified Ad that will always bring in results any time any day.

  1. Develop a Powerful Attention Grabbing Headline:
  2. In all of my writings, blog posts and articles; I have always stressed the importance of using powerful headlines. Most writers are yet to understand the psychology behind a Good Headline. A good Headline will incite your reader to read on, a good head line will make him excited; just think about this, do you know that the headline counts for about 89% of the success of any writing be it online or offline, this is why News Paper Houses employ or hire good writers who can draft a good headline that will sell their papers like hot cakes. To write a good headline the following points should be looked into;
    • Will it save time
    • Save more Money
    • Improve Life
    • and finally
    • Be Humorous
    Below are some examples of some very powerful Headlines that can make a lot of difference; "Why Do it the Hard way When You can do it Lying on Your Back..." "What the Gurus Never Told You I am about to reveal to you Never-Heard-Before Money making Secrets..." "You are one Paragraph Away from Hitting your Gold Mine" "See How a Busy Mum Saved More Cash and Time Catching Fun" "...New and Improved, Taste better than Chicken" etc
  3. Be Concise and Straight to the Point:
  4. Remember you have a little of a second to make the desired impact on your reader or he will consider looking else where if your message sounds sleepy and boring , so you don't need to embellish words, but rather you need to be quick with your message; hit the nail on the head to drive your message home. Be witty, humorous but serious and above all real.
  5. Avoid Grammatical Errors:
  6. There's nothing bad as a writing filled with wrong grammar and phrases, spelling blunders and poor content. Bearing in mind that the person or persons reading your write up are not so dull and un educated to spot these errors. The funny thing is that most of the time these errors are not intended, but are caused as a result of not proof reading your writing: this is what happened to one of my articles I posted on the board of EzineArticles.Com, I was sent an email by the Editorial Board that my Article did not meet the standard for Publishing on their Directory, reason being that it was filled with spelling errors, I was in a hurry to post this particular article and I forgot to use the word processor provided by this directory that has an in built dictionary with spell check functionality to help you spot out wrong spellings and grammar in your writings, I re-edited my work and re-submitted the article and it was approved immediately. So make sure your writing is devoid of these careless errors, edit your work, read your writing out because as you are reading it out loud you'll spot out grammatical blunders or mistakes, if possible email it to a friend or colleague to read and comment on, In so doing you will have a content that is error free and good for reading.
  7. Be Creative and Stylish in your Writing:
  8. If you lack writing style, then it is time you developed yours, with a classified Ad in the offing you need to make your style reflect or your Ad will sound generic. For it to generate attention and interest, it needs to be spontaneous, and for it to be spontaneous you need creativity. To be creative, all you need do is assemble other classifieds that made an impact on you, look at those things like words or phrases that got your interest and made you desire, look at old Newspapers and other offline publication with a classified ad section, visit online classified Ad sites like CraigsList, press release boards etc to really see things for your self. Gather every thing, and device you own style and creativity based on the works of others. To achieve this you need to use ideas from diverse Ads, but remember you need to sound original or you will be accused of plagiarism which is not good for you as a budding writer.
  9. Use the 4 A-I-D-A
  10. : I know by now you must be wondering what I mean by the 4 A-I-D-A, well it simply means "A"- Attention "I"- Interest "D"- Desire "A"- Action For you classified to make any difference, then these four items must be present. You need to grab the attention of your reader using your Headline this is why I have continued to stress the importance of a good Headline, then grab his Interest, after which you make him Desire via the short, concise and straight to the point message,and finally push him to take Action. So if you apply the other tips I talked about from Using a Good and Attention Grabbing headline, with a concise and straight to the point message, devoid of grammatical errors and powerful writing style: then the 4 A-I-D-A will be effectively applied get the clue...


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