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What to do when Writing Ideas Dry Up: 9 Tips to Fighting Writer's Block

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As a writer online, you are faced with what is known as writer's block. This is a situation when you lack good and creative ideas to write about. Every writer be it experienced or in-experienced gets to face this situation one time or the other in their writing career.
Below are tips to apply when you are faced with this very unfortunate situation;

  1. Come out of Isolation, Socialize More:
  2. Most writers love to be in isolation, as they believe that in isolation they get more inspired to write, as this might be true to a certain extent, it is not always workable in a variety of cases. Rather it is wise to come out from such seclusion, talk more, interact more with people. don't forget that man is a social being and no man is an Island. The good thing about coming out of isolation is that you get to hear of new trends, innovations and Developments that will be of great help to your writing, which you can never know while in self prison or isolation.
  3. Read Newspapers and News Publications:
  4. Reading Newspapers be it daily, weekly, monthly or bi-monthly can be an added advantage to you in your search for cool writing ideas. Newspapers are divided into columns covering various niches or interests of which your niche could be one of them.
  5. Network with People in Your Niche:
  6. Through Networking with people in your niche of interest, you get to hear of trends and issues that can form headlines for writing, and these days networking can be relatively easy with the advent of Social Networking sites like, etc
  7. Participate in Online Polls or Conduct one Your self:
  8. Polls are like surveys, when you take part in polls, you get to feel the pulse of different people on certain issues especially those one that concerns your niche, you can conduct polls on your blog or third party sites like, and from the responses you get from the polls result, can form the basis for your next write up, you can never know?
  9. If you are Blogger take Part in Blog Carnivals:
  10. Blog carnivals are like trade fares or blog exhibitions for bloggers. and can be used stylishly by any blogger to generate great blog posts. At blog carnivals, the posts of those who take part in the carnival appear on the blog roll of each of the participants, and from here you can view different headlines, read so many content, and see many comments which can all be harnessed into writing ideas if you as savvy as I would think. You can take part in blog carnivals or even have one conducted all for free by visiting
  11. Visit Article and Ezine Directories:
  12. Article directories are prominent for getting good content for publication like wise Ezine Directories. At these directories you are treated to a rich course of write ups bordering almost on every niche you can think of, you also get stats of the most read articles, most viewed and most recent. This stats can be vital in helping you know what to write about based on your niche.
  13. Sign Up With RSS/Atom News Feed Aggregators:
  14. Many feed aggregators or readers like BlogLines.Com, Google Reader etc have become a source of fresh information for many people including writers. What these aggregators or news syndicators does is to visit News sites like CNN, BBC etc to pull out fresh contents and stream it on your blogs or RSS feed readers, and if you ask me, this is one method that you will use to generate writing ideas upon writing ideas all day, as most of these aggregators update by the second, bringing you new and fresh updates, supplying you a full writing gig.
  15. Hang out at Social Networks:
  16. Though this is part of interaction I talked about earlier on, but the different thing with this kind of interaction is that you do this online only, Social Networks have over time proved to be good places you can get nice ideas for writing interesting pieces. At these Networks, you can also bookmark post that you find interesting, funny or educating, and these bookmarks can help you create good writing ideas. At social Networks the primary thing is promoting those activities that you and your friends find interesting.
  17. Linger at Forums:
  18. Forums are like chat rooms the only different thing here is that it is not instant messaging. The discussions that takes place on forums can form an integral part of your writing. You can get great writing ideas by investigating threads; look at controversial threads, see the replies. From here you can feel the pulse of other members of the forum and above all sniff out for topics you can write about that will generate more viewership. can you beat that?...
  19. Subscribe to RSS Feeds of A-list Bloggers:
  20. I wont start mentioning names of any self acclaimed A-List blogger, as he or she might not be blogging in your niche; which makes it irrelevant to subscribe to his or her RSS feeds. However, if you know any that blogs on your niche, then it will be wise of you to subscribe to his RSS feeds, as you will be getting regular updates of new articles, blog posts and other sundry stuffs that can help you with generating beautiful writing ideas.
  21. Freelance at Freelance Writing Sites:
  22. Freelance Writing sites are rendezvous for freelancers who want to earn a living scribbling for others. At freelance sites, you meet people who place bids for various writing projects, from these bids, you can get great ideas that you can use for your writing; because all the bids comes with details like the price, the number of articles and ultimately the title of the article which is what you are looking for any way.Top freelance sites you can start hanging out on include;
  23. Invite others To Guest Write:
  24. This is more common in blogging parlance, as most bloggers invite other bloggers in their niche to create and write blog posts on their blogs, as a writer faced with writer's block, this could prove productive for you and the guest writer, as it saves you the time for cracking your brain for what to write, and for the guest writer, this could boost his reputation and increase traffic for his blog, especially if your blog is a high traffic one.
  25. Keep a Date with File Sharing and Ebook Directories:
  26. File sharing sites like Are cool places any writer via the ebooks and files uploaded daily to the data bases of these sites, download ebooks and files that can help create writing avenues.
  27. If You can ,Organize a Writing Competition:
  28. This might be a little tedious if you don't know how, but on the other hand it might be interactive and very interesting if you are experienced enough. At this competititon, give the criteria that must be met in any submitted writing, the number of words and above all the number of entries to be submitted. You will be dead suprise at the number of entries you'll receive. One more thing, make sure there is a prize to be won for the best written article to make the competition worth the while or it will be regarded as a waste of time and effort. From the result of your writing competition, you will be surprised at the ideas that will creep into your head, giving you the much needed boost to get on.
  29. Attend Industry Seminars and Talk Shows:
  30. Attending Seminars related to your area of specialization or niche can provide you the next writing idea. Remember at these seminars, different speakers are invited to deliver speeches on many seminar topics, and from their discussions and lectures, you will see how streams of writing ideas will start flying in your head, the only thing for you to do now is to sit down and arrange these ideas logically to bring out the desired effect.

It is my believe that these 15 ideas can keep you going, making sure you never get faced with this situation called Writer's Block, you are free to increase the list.

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