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10 reasons why Your Writings/Reviews Never Gets Noticed

Getting your writing noticed is one thing any writer who writes not just online craves for. But if you write product and service reviews, then this’ll be even more important, as you need readers and even consumers to see your writing, read them and increase the page view for your reviews and ultimately your earnings.

If you are suffering from lack of attention for your reviews, the following ten tips will help you see some progress in readership. Just check them out.

1)      You Write in overcrowded Niches: this is the number one problem of every aspiring writer, they seem to believe that the only stuff that people love reading happens to be topics like –make money online, dating and relationships etc when topics like golfing, fishing, gardening and even parenting are topics that people love to read about online. Known if you are writing for a product that already have top reviews written on, chances that your reviews will never get to see the light of the day is possible. This is so because there are already some established egg heads and gurus who are adepts in such niches; they’ll be taken more serious when they talk than you. Is just like the top Internet marketer Yanik Silver writing a review for internet marketing software he has used say on clickbank, people will believe his own review than the reviews written by a green horn like you who know little or nothing about internet marketing. So this is the more reason for you to choose topics that are not overcrowded and also lack audience, but choose a product with a good audience, and few writers so as to rank well for that particular keyword.
2)      Poor Keyword Listing: Yes a lot of writers, especially those writing reviews, do not understand the concept of using good keywords to make your writing rank well in SERP. Until you understand this will you understand what it takes to write what is good for the bots and humans in particular. For you to achieve good placement for your writings for a particular keyword, there are a chunk of free tools online to help you achieve this, but of all these tools, there’s just two I use, and I’ll also recommend. This is Google free Adword Tool and Word trackers free tool which you have the option to upgrade to premium for more bells and rings. These tools especially Google’s will show you the number of searches conducted on that particular search term, this is an information that you require to help you know the kind of competition you’ll be facing.
3)      Poor Style of Writing: yes a lot of newbies and online writing rookies are still yet to catch up with the trend, this is so because they lack specialization, and in so doing lack the ability to be creative and develop a particular writing style that sets them apart from the bandwagon. When you write reviews, you need to have style, when readers read your review, it easily gets noticed because they know there’s just one person with this kind of style and flare, which is you, it makes them want to always read your stuffs and in most cases vote them up.
4)      Writing for Yourself and not Your Readers: when you write what you like and not the reflection of what people like, then consider your reviews heading straight for the bins; this is why you must write what a particular genre of people will love to read about. For example if you write about dogs, there’s a lot of people who own dogs just like you, but it will sound more appealing if you wrote about Dalmatians, those who own this kind of breed will love to get hooked to you for more.
5)      Writing once in a while: a lot of writers fall into the booby trap called writer’s block, and this is basically the main reason why they fell to write regularly, and if you want your writing to gets easily noticed, then consistency is the watch word, but if you are faced with writer’s block and basically lack of writing ideas, then it will be wise to see this article on fighting writer’s blog.
6)      Using not too Catchy Headlines: Yes, a lot of people are yet to realize that a good headline sell a writing, a good headline makes your article or write up a must read, this is the mechanism by which a good headline works on the psyche of your reader, which gives him the impression read on. This is what call the four A-I-D-A Meaning
-          ATTENTION: It grabs the readers attention and makes him want to click through to see what you’ve got
-          INTEREST: It gets him interested and excited as well.
-          DESIRE: Whetting his appetite for reading
-          ACTION: This is when he clicks to really find out what you are up to.
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7)      Never Using Article Directories: many writers are yet to understand the power of writing and submitting articles and even reviews to article directories like EzineArticles; article directories like ezinearticles come with a very high Google PR, and a strong link back form this directories will do your writing a good deal of good, trust me.
8)      Spamming; writing spam Contents: many writers are still oblivious of the dangers of spam contents, and they still don’t realize this until the big G hammer land on them. So many writers have asked me this question time and again “what is Spam?” most of the time I find this question hard to answer, while other times I explain spam based on the context for which it was used; now consider the following scenarios;
-          Writing plagiarized content and expecting your writers to see them as original- SPAM!
-          Duplicating contents and posting them on various sites with disregard for terms and conditions of these sites- SPAM!!
-          Stuffing your contents with irrelevant keywords just to be ranked high in SERP- SPAM!!!
-          Leaving irrelevant contents and links on blogs and forum threads- SPAM, SPAM AND SPAM!!!!!!!!!

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9)      Ignoring the Power of Social Communities: with the advent of many social communities like hubpages, FaceBook, Twitter and other web 2.0 fantastic apps, this has made even the smallest of writers to be noticed, this is very good: but most budding writers still ignore these social communities to their own peril, and missing the buzz and traffic these sites generates for users who know how to maximize on the potentials of this site to get free publicity. For example on face book, it is now easy to import your blog  feeds to your profile, and ultimately making it visible on your wall; of course it updates as you upload fresh contents to your blog. Other sites like has also made it possible for free to get you twitter updates via RSS feeds, where you subscribers (or is it followers) can see your latest twitter updates; what a way to gain exposure and get noticed.
10)  Choosing Wrong Niches to write Contents: this is supposed to be the very first thing to come on this list, but I chose to make it last as a summary to all that I have written on this topic; a lot of writers do not conduct adequate research before they embark on writing online; I my self suffered similar fate when without any hand on experience, I decided to start a self hosted wordpress blog; ask me what I was blogging or writing, I was writing virtually every thing that catches my fancy , form sports, personal finance, fashion, pets and just any thing I knew little or nothing about. There was no professionalism in my writings, it was amateurish and plane childish; so this is one thing many Writers whose interest is to get easily noticed via their writing must avoid. Conduct research Scot Standke’s Nicheaday, to get fresh niches that are making money. Scot is really doing a wonderful job here, as he not only sends you the hottest niches, he also includes the bidding price for this keyword and an attachment of a long list of keywords to go with the main keyword. This makes it relatively easy for you to know what is hot and what is not.
These are the ten reasons why your writing can never get noticed feel free to add yours!!!


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