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6 Things to do Before Writing a Product Review that can Generate High Page Views

Writing a product that can generate high traffic and page views can be a daunting task, but knowing how to get the job done can make it relatively easier. Join me as we take a look at the things I do before I write a product review that will generate high page views and more earnings for me.

1)      Know the Product: Yes you must know the product, and for you to do that, below is a check list of what you must or should know before you can certify yourself of  talking about the product in your reviews.
-          the name of the product
-          the reason for which it was manufactured
-          you must have used it or know a person or two who have
-          How is the user rating for the product?
-          The merits, demerits and possible flaws of this product. It is when you have this data; that you can easily sit doiwn and construct your reviews for other would be and prospective buyers.
2)      Conduct a Survey: this is very important step you must carry out before you start writing; a survey that is properly conducted will help you feel the pulse of the users who have patronized the merchant or advertiser you are writing for. To carry out surveys, you do not need to start building survey forms or using a free service like survey monkey, no; what you need to do is visit the websites where this product is being sold like etc, use forums that are niche based, go to blogs that are related to the niche product you are writing a promotion for and finally visit affiliate directories and shopping portals to see similar products and invariably the user rating.
To be Continued…

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