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AdSense Revenue Sharing Gets Even Better With Referrals and 100 percent Ad Revenue at Shetoldme

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For some time now I've been using one of the recently Released revenue sharing/bookmarkeing site known as shetoldme; a site with a digg-like Interface and top of it all an adsense Revenue sharing site with 100% revenue to all publishers.

This site has been around for some time, and its appeal has really been felt not just in the blogosphere, but all around the world wide web; just in a short period of operation.
Getting a publishing account is quite easy, though I've heard instances of some user applications turned down by the site; this is so if you as a user poses as a spammer. So in the bid to drive out spammers from the system, a strict acceptance policy is being instituted by the site.

To start using this wonderful site and enjoying the benefits accruing from its usage-All you need to do is sign up (this is my referral link) with the site; and you'll be contacted shortly by the moderator of the site with the steps to confirm your account and start adding your scoops.

You'll ask me, "what are scoops?"
Scoops are simply links or bookmarks that users like you and I add; these scoops could be links of articles on your blog, websites and other content management sites where you publish stuff.

One good thing with this site is that it is highly crawled by Google and it is also a do-follow site (meaning that it is a great site for creating back-links).
It has a very friendly user interface making site navigation pretty easy.

Aside adding links, you can also decide to publish a story or article; your article will be queued up (just like your scoops waiting archiving), in a short while your article will be approved if it meets with the site's publishing/Editorial  TOS.
Another very cool thing with the site is that you can add a link from your blog that will be displayed in your published scoops.

Now where is the money?
Yes the money... for you to get your 100% revenue by way of Adsense Impressions displayed in your scoops  you have to navigate to your dashboard that look like this;

Google AdSense
Recent Comments My AdSense ID
AdSense Revenue Sharing AdSense Revenue Sharing
Referral Tools Referral Tools
My Referrals My Referrals

Click on My adsense ID to add your Adsense ID that looks like this PUB-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
And Bingo! you are on.

If you write on Hubpages, Triond, Squidoo and other Adsense/Revenue sharing sites, you can use this site as a powerful source for your link building efforts; from my experience, if you know how to effectively use this site then you will start reaping its benefit in a short while.

Now for you to add scoops that will result in  HIGH CTR to your link you need to do the following
  • use a powerful and attention grabbing headline
  • make sure your headlines are short and witty with good keywords 
  • when writing a description for your scoops, make sure you don't go round issues, just make it concise and straight to the point;making sure that you write a detailed description of your story
  • avoid keyword spamming your description or you'll stand a chance of getting your scoop regarded as spam, and I don't need to tell you what happens to spammers

Taking all the above into consideration, don't you think it is high time you signed up to start using this wonderful site that will be giving Digg and its like a run for their money...

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