Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Create Simple Bookmarks and Back-links for your Writing with Ease with IMAutomator

IMAutomator is one hell of a toll I found very interesting for creating coll bookmarks and backlinks for my articles, blog posts etc.
If I should borrow the description on the site; it is described thus- "IMAutomator is a suite of tools designed to automate the task of building backlinks to your websites for the purposes of SEO".

From my experience this toll is a very wonderful tool that will automate your bookmark submissions to about 15 social bookmarking sites (for the free version) and and uncountable for the pro version.
I currently use the free version, but I think it will be more interesting and result oriented if I upgrade to the pro version.

IMAutomator FREE IMAutomator PRO
Monthly FeeFREE$49.95
100% Fully Automated
High Success Rate
Drip-Feed Backlinks Over Time
Auto-Extract Titles etc
Bookmark Submitter Tool
Bookmark Sites Submitted To1529
Max Daily Bookmark Submissions1025
Article Submitter Tool
Article Sites Submitted To29
Max Daily Article Submissions (*2 links)15
RSS Feed Submitter Tool
RSS Feed Sites Submitted To13
Max Daily RSS Feed Submissions10
Directory Submitter Tool
Directory Sites Submitted To12
Max Daily Directory Submissions10
Secondary SubmissionsUnlimited Future Links!
Maximum Daily Backlinks1501845 (+secondary)

The list of supported Social Bookmarking sites includes the following;
  1. 2Blog SEO [PR 2] - http://www.2blogseo.com/
  2. Alltagz [PR 6] - http://www.alltagz.de/
  3. Bildu [PR 3] - http://www.bildu.net/
  4. Bookmarks Network [PR 0] - http://bookmarksnet.com/
  5. Buzz Bookmarks [PR 1] - http://buzzbookmarks.info/
  6. Clickets [PR 2] - http://www.clickets.de/
  7. DiggDirect [PR 1] - http://diggdirect.com/
  8. Diigo [PR 7] - http://www.diigo.com/
  9. Ebaum's World [PR 6] - http://www.ebaumsworld.com/
  10. ETop Bookmarks [PR 1] - http://etopbookmarks.com/
  11. Flashahead [PR 1] - http://flashahead.info/
  12. FoxMoor [PR 0] - http://foxmoor.org/
  13. Let Me Get Answers [PR 2] - http://www.lmga.net/
  14. Mallorca Finca [PR 0] - http://www.mallorca-finca-guenstig.info/
  15. MedicaLogs [PR 0] - http://medicalogs.com/
  16. Mojelinky [PR 4] - http://www.mojelinky.sk/
  17. Neo Tags [PR 1] - http://neotags.info/
  18. NewsVoid [PR 2] - http://newsvoid.com/
  19. OutSmart [PR 3] - http://outsmart.org/
  20. Planet Blog [PR 3] - http://www.planeteblog.net/
  21. Social Article [PR 3] - http://www.socialarticle.com/
  22. SoForce [PR 5] - http://soforce.com/
  23. Syiudis [PR 3] - http://siyudis.com/
  24. Taagz [PR 0] - http://taagz.com/
  25. TDKX [PR 0] - http://www.tdkx.com/
  26. URL.ORGanizer [PR 5] - http://url.org/
  27. VoteTags [PR 1] - http://votetags.info/
  28. Xpdig [PR 3] - http://xpdig.com/
  29. Zoom Bookmarks [PR 1] - http://zoombookmarks.info/
 If you are on the pro-version, the list below is for RSS Submissions;

  1. Blogdigger - http://www.blogdigger.com
  2. FeedListing - http://www.rssfeeddirectory.org/
  3. FeedPlex - http://www.feedplex.com/
  4. FyberSearch - http://www.fybersearch.com/
  5. GoldenFeed - http://www.goldenfeed.com/
  6. IceRocket - http://www.icerocket.com/
  7. metaFeeder - http://www.metafeeder.com/
  8. My RSS 365 - http://www.myrss365.com/index.php
  9. RDF-Ticker - http://www.anse.de/rdfticker/
  10. RSS Locator - http://www.rss-locator.com/index.php
  11. RSSMotron - http://www.rssmotron.com/
  12. RSS Network - http://www.rss-network.com/index.php
  13. Twingly - http://www.twingly.com/
Another cool thing about this tool is that it submits the links one after the other; though you might chose to submit all the links in one swoop, but the disadvantage here is that Google and other search engines dislike automated links submission; they prefer links that are built naturally which this all important tool developers did put into consideration. From the above submssion, it is better to choose 15 days instead of I day; see below;

You have 10 remaining bookmark submissions today.

Speed of submission (explanation): Not editable so choose carefully!
1 Day (all links in one day)
15 days (one link per day)
45 days (one link every few days)
From the above you can see that 15 days was checked by default because it is recomended by the developers;
I can't list all the coll and wonderful things about this site; it is only cool if you sign up and start enjoying the dividends that accrue from using this tool.

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