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Get more Organic Traffic to your Writings with this leading social bookmarking service

There are many leading social bookmarking service available on the world wide web, some are result oriented; while others are just making so much noise that we users some times wonder if Social Bookmarking is over hyped
It is a known fact by many writers and online wannabes that back-links and social bookmarking go hand in hand, but the real problem here is knowing how to go about using the many Social Bookmarking tools available on the world wide web, this is what I was wondering and trying to figure out; and in my research came across this wonderful Social Bookmarking website with so much squid spurt and pimp, sorry link juice- known as SQUIDSTOP!

Matter of factlly I was reading a Hub of one of the top Writers I follow their stuff on another wonderful site I'll propose you Sign up with and Start writing cool Hubs and Earning immensely from ads from sites like eBay, Kontera, Amazon and of course our own dear Google Adsense; sorry for digressing a little I was talking about Squidstop.
After signing up with this site, you need to do some little work to get you started in good stead.
Firstly, you need to customize your profile a little by adding some info about your self.
To do this, you have to navigate to menu, that looks like this;

Welcome chinemeremz

85 Points

Log out


Click on create Content, then add your scoops with a short description of the bookmark. Preview it and boom! you are on.
One other thing that really makes this site one of the coolest and leading social bookmark site is that aside getting 100 percent Revenue share from adsense you also get rewarded; see below-

You can currently earn points for interacting in various ways:
  • Referring new visitors (250 points)
  • Publishing bookmarks (10 points)
  • Commenting (3 points)
To add more add more incentive to every user; Whenever you refer a visitor who signs up at Squidstop, you will be instantly granted a 10% share on all his/her advertising clicks.

What more can I tell you other than to sign up immediately and start posting your scoops and also get more traffic to your contents and above all get more adsense impression and revenue all for free.

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